Welcome to the Biography of the final messenger - MUHAMMED - peace & blessings be upon him
Welcome to the Biography of the final messenger - MUHAMMED - peace & blessings be upon him
Welcome to the Biography of the final messenger - MUHAMMED - peace & blessings be upon him
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Mon, Jun 18 2018

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 Love Of God

The holy Prophet was the Messenger of God, the chosen and the exalted, whose all sins, foregoing and coming, had been forgiven by the Lord, yet he was the most painstaking, eager and earnest in paying homage to God.
Al-Mughira b. Sh'uba reported that the Prophet once got up at night and stood praying for such a long time that his feet became swollen. On being asked why he did this when all of his former and later sins had been forgiven, he replied, "What ! shI not be a grateful servant (of God) ?" 'Aisha relates that the Apostle of God once kept awake throughout the night till morning reciting only one verse. Reporting the same event Abu Dharr says that the Prophet kept praying throughout the night reciting one verse until the dawn appeared. The verse he recited was: "If Thou punish them, lo ! they are Thy slaves, and if Thou forgive them, lo ! Thou, only Thou art the Mighty, the Wise."
'Aisha says, "The Apostle of God took to fast to such anextent that we thought he would never give it up, and when he would go without fasting we thought that perhaps he would never fast again." Anas reports that whoever wanted to see the Prophet praying at night could do so and similarly one could see him sleeping. 'Abdullah b. ash-Shikhkhir says that once he went to see the Prophet. He was then offering prayers and sobbingthe sound emitting from his chest was like that of a boiling pot.
The Apostle was never at ease except when he performed the prayers. It seemed that even after saying his prayers, he eagerly looked forward to the time when he would again be paying homage to God. The Apostle often remarked: "The comfort of my eyes lies in prayers." The companions of the Prophet relate that whenever he had any trouble he used to prostrate in supplication to God. "Whenever the wind blew at night", says Abu Darda', "the Apostle of God took shelter in the mosque until it became calm. And whenever there was a solar or lunar eclipse, thc Prophet got up in trepidation seeking refuge from God until it was over and the sky was clear." The Apostle always seemed solicitous to commune with God; uneasy and restless until he had again fellen prone before the Lord. Oftentimes he sent for Bilal and said, "Bilal, make arrangements for holding prayers and put me at. ease."
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